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Tips and tricks on resolving issues with the amped extender login

Amped range extenders are more in the league of wireless enabled networking devices. Capable of carrying forward router signals to the remotest corners of your home/office, these devices can help facilitate internet access at all times. But this becomes possible only once you have set things up. If you are looking for information on the amped wireless setup page, this page will walk you through the steps to access it and continue with the network configuration in detail.

Things you need

If you are looking to setup your Amped extender with the existing wireless network at your home, there are some additional things you’ll need:

Preparing for the setup

  • Plug your Amped wireless extender into the power outlet and switch on the power supply. Wait for the power LED on the extender to turn solid. Make sure your router and the modem are power on and are functioning as well.
  • Open the wireless networks section on your computer and connect to the extender SSID. You can locate the SSID of the extender using the details mentioned on the product label on the rear panel.

Accessing the web-based setup wizard

  • Launch a web browser on your computer/smartphone that is connected to the extender network. Type the default web address in the address bar of the browser.
  • You can also use the IP address i.e. 1912.168.3.1 instead of the extender web address. Press enter once you have typed in the same. You will be directed to the default Amped extender login page.

Configuring the network settings

  • On the default login page, type the username and password in the fields provided. The default username you can use is “admin” and the default password you can use is the word “password” itself.
  • Once you have entered the details, click on the Login button and you will be taken to the main dashboard of the setup wizard.
  • From the various options visible on the home page, select the Internet option.
  • The setup wizard will appear. From the screen, select “New Connection”. You’ll now need to follow the on-screen steps to configure the basic router settings.
  • The setup wizard may prompt you with a message to enter the DSL account details including the username and the password. These details are needed if you are using a DSL connection.
  • Once you have entered the details, you can follow the on-screen instructions to get done with the setup process.
  • You will need to configure your network username and password from under the security tab. Set the encryption level at WPA-2PSK and save the details.
  • You can now connect your wireless enabled devices to the extender network.

Troubleshooting issues with the Amped extender setup

While you are trying to access the extender setup page online, issues with the same can make you lose out on productivity. If you are having trouble accessing the Amped extender setup page, there are always some steps you can follow:

  • Check the connections between your extender and the device that you are trying to access the login page on. Make sure you are connected to the extender network. If not, disconnect and then connect to the network again.
  • Restart your extender and the computer to rule out the chances of technical glitches causing an issue. Power cycling your device helps resolve key issues with the extender device.
  • If you are having trouble with accessing the login page, make sure you are using the correct web address/IP address to access the login page. Recheck the web address and then try again. The correct web address you can use is
  • If following the troubleshooting tips mentioned above doesn’t help resolve the issue, you can perform factory reset. This will reset the network activity and erase the network configuration that you have previously set.

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