Essential Steps For Amped Wireless Setup

Amped is a quite famous brand, for its quality routers, which are first preference of router user. There are lots of reasons why you must go for Amped wireless router. It is Amped routers features, fast internet speed or stable connectivity, which attracts router users to invest in the router. So, if you haven’t invested in the Amped wireless router, today’s your chance to know more about this amazing router. For today, we are taking an example of amped wireless setup, for the amped router model no AC1900. Amped AC1900 model has features unique blend of 3 transmitters with 4 receivers & also the 4 antennas.

The user can enjoy 1900Mbps simultaneous speeds, on both the bands. You can setup your Amped AC1900 easily & instantly & router offers lots of management options. To know more in detail about amped wireless setup, take a look at the steps, given below. Let’ get started with the amped wireless setup for Amped AC1900 model no.

How To Setup Amped AC1900 Router?

  • First, detach or switch off your present router. You need to disconnect the router from the broadband modem, computer & from a power outlet. Or if you have no router presently, then start192.168.3.1 amped wireless setup, with next step.
  • Power off your modem first, a user who presently have no router. Disconnect modem, from its power adapter, as of the power outlet. Or if the modem has any battery backup, remove it as well. You have to remember, don’t power on your modem until you are told to do so.
  • Now, you have to connect your router to the modem. Make use of included Ethernet cable; Next, connect Ethernet cable one end to your modem. Take Ethernet Cable’s other end into router blue modem port.
  • Plug the modem power adapter or backup battery, if you have any.
  • Connect the router antennas to the Antenna connectors.
  • Now attach the power adapter, to your router PWR port & power outlet.
  • Afterward, connect the Ethernet cable, to your router available port, or to the wifi network of the router.

How To Login To Amped AC1900 Router Web Interface?

  • Take a computer or a wireless device, and launch a web browser on the device.
  • After opening the web browser provide, address into browser address bar.
  • If didn’t work, try use default IP address amped wireless setup, into browser address bar. If you are not sure, whether this is your IP address, take help from our experts.
  • Or if the issue, still persists, try to reset your device, to its factory default settings.
  • Without login to your device interface, you can complete the amped wireless setup.

To know more about, amped wireless setup, call us at our toll-free number. You can also share your feedback with our team, by posting comments in the comment box. So, get connected with us today, & learn how to setup your Amped wifi router effectively.