How To Setup Amped Wireless REC10 Wifi Range Extender

amped extender firmware update is a local web address that helps you set up and configure Amped wireless REC10 wifi range extender. Learn how to set up Amped wireless REC10 wifi range extender.

The amped REC10 Wi-Fi extender comes with a dual 2.4 GHz amplifiers to eliminate dead spots. Amped wireless setup helps the user to expand the range of the wireless network. performs the amped extender setup. The user can also use amped extender ip to extend the home network.

The web address and ip address will only work when your device to amped network. Amped wireless setup is a simple procedure and it only takes a couple of minutes.

How To Set Up Amped Wireless REC10 Wifi Range Extender?

Steps to perform the amped REC10 wifi range extender setup-

The foremost job is to place your Amped REC10 extender in the same room as your router and to plug it into a working power outlet. Now, connect any of your devices to the amped extender with the help of an ethernet cable or use the Wi-Fi.

Open the updated browser and enter amped extender ip or web address, press the enter key.For the setup of the extender, you need to provide the login credentials.

When you reach to the amped wireless setup page, choose the network that you wish to expand from the list. You will be able to extend the network by providing the Wi-Fi password of the network you wish to extend.

Wait for a few minutes to allow your amped extender to connect to the existing network. Once it gets connected, you can change the wireless settings of the amped network.

When you’re done with the amped wireless setup, your amped REC10 device will go into the reboot phase. Finally, you can unplug the amped extender and place it into a desired location.

Troubleshooting Amped Wireless REC10 Range Extender Setup Failed

Sometimes, while setting up amped REC10 extender, you might fail to access login page. if you’re receiving the error message then first of all you need to check that your computer is well-connected to the amped network. Prefer using a connection using an ethernet cable instead of wireless.

Check for the login credentials that you’ve entered for amped wireless setup. You can reset your amped REC10 back to factory settings and re-configure the device.

Follow the above points for How to Set Up Amped Wireless REC10 Wifi Range Extender. To know more, call us.

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