Amped Extender Setup

When we work on internet, our priority is to get fast internet speed for streaming and data transfer. Most of us use wireless router for fast speed and broad bandwidth but due to different kind of hindrance sometimes it is difficult to get smooth signal in every corner of your house or office. To eliminate such dead zones from home we need a kind of device which can enhance the existing wireless signals. Range extender is the device which can be used to eliminate these dead spots or no wifi zones from your place. There are lot of wireless range extenders are present on the market but  Amped Wireless Range Extender is a best choice among the other.

Amped Wireless Device Company is a leading name in development and manufacturing of wireless range extension products. Amped wireless routers and Amped wireless Range extender can be used to resolve the any wireless signal or range related issues. Now Amped has developed a series of wireless range extenders with highest quality & long range with advanced technology. To resolve your wireless range extension issues you can use range extender based on specification required.

Features Of Amped Ranges Extender

Amped has designed all the range extenders with following tech specifications and these extenders are classified in three segments –Desktop Range extenders, Plug in Range Extenders and Pro-series Range Extenders. All three categories are specifically designed based on user requirements but some standard features are same for all three categories. Take a look on the following features

Powerful Amplifiers

Amped wireless range extenders are designed withhigh power amplifiers. With these powerful amplifiers Amped range extenders are capable to extend the range of wireless signals up to 15000 sq.ft. With this broad spectrum of coverage amped extenders are best in class.

Powerful Antennas

Amped range extenders are designed with high gain omnidirectional antennas which boost the signal strength and provide the long coverage area. With these high range antennas range extenders are able to provide more reliable wireless connectivity for your devices.

Advance Wireless Technology

To get the most blazing fast wireless signal used wireless technology is 802.11ac which actually fasten-up your experience of HD streaming, 4K videos and data transfer. As all the range extenders from amped are using 802.11ac wifi technology which makes them more powerful in terms of wireless signal transmission.

Best Security Features

All Amped wireless ranges extenders are lass with advanced security features. These ranges can provide you best in class wireless range control, User access control and scheduling of wireless signal use.

More Wired Ports

you can add five wired devices with your desktop computer and can enjoy online gaming. Now connectivity of Smart TV and additional consoles will be easy for you.

Easy Set Up

All the Amped wireless range extender is very easy to install and comes with quick Setup Wizard. For all the Amped Wireless Range extender you need to just connect your device in power and access the given setup menu of device with any browser. Next you need to scan the existing wireless network and you are ready to go.

Amped Desktop Range Extender Series

This series of ranges extender is specially designed for desktop connectivity with multiple device connectivity. This series is lass with ATHENA-EX technology which is the most advanced and powerful range extender. These Amped range extenders are built with dual –core processor and 16 high power amplifiers which are capable to give 15000 sq.ft. Wifi coverage. These range extenders are incredibly high and work on AC2600 wifi technology.  You will not be getting any lag or buffering in any of your wireless application or use. These range extenders are designed with MU-MIMO technology which can enable multiple devices for uninterrupted streaming. Let’s understand the working of these desktop range extenders-
  • ATHENA-EX technology can expand the range of wireless network by repeating the signal 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz.which actually create a blazing speed.
  • Now you can eliminate dead zones with 16 power amplifiers and four gain antennas.
  • Experience the fast streaming with 2.3 Gbps speed and forget buffering.
  • With MU-MIMO now you will get the flexibility to connect multiple devices and enjoy multi-device connectivity.

Amped Wireless Desktop Range Extender Setup

Process of amped wireless setup is very easy for its desktop range extenders; you just need to follow the given steps-

  • First connect your wireless range extender in power socket.
  • Now connect your PC or mobile with range extender.
  • Scan your network and select.

Amped Plug-In Wireless Range Extenders

Amped has designed very advanced series of range extender which are actually plug-n-play. The Amped plug-in Extenders are designed with specific features. Some popular devices are Amped REC44MAC 2600 Plug in with MUMIMO, AmpedREC33A AC1750 range extender, AC1200 REC22P range extender and Ac1200 REC22A, B1200EX Ac1200, B750EX AC750. Some more devices are B750EX, REC15A, REC10 wireless range extenders.

In all the above plug-in wireless range extender REC44M is the fastest and powerful WiFi range extender. This plug in extender is designed with 16 high power amplifiers, 2internal antennas. This extender can cover the 12000 sq.ft. Area and can provide 2.53 Gbps with AC2600 wireless technology. The extender uses 802.11ac technology and gives best connectivity with MU-MIMO technology.

All the Amped Plug in Extenders are sleek in design and goes with your interior. All these range extenders are easy to connect and setup.

Amped has designed Professional series of range extenders for giving coverage range up to 8000 sq. ft. which can cover entire campus or business place. With Amped pro-series range extenders get blazing speed. These range extenders are very powerful and can penetrate any wall or area.REB175P is the most advanced extender and works with low noise amplifiers. This series is having three antennas for more powerful range. Now you will not feel any dead spot at your place. These routers are using next generation 802.11ac wifi technology and can provide times faster speed as compare to 802.11n series devices.

Pro-Series Amped Wireless range extenders are designed with multiple operational modes. You can use it in range extender, firewall range extender mode and WDS bridge mode. This range extender can also be used in Network bridge mode which actually makes it more versatile. You can create up-to 30 unique networks with this Pro-series Amped wireless range extenders.

Amped Wireless range extender Setup

To do the Amped wireless range extender set up kindly follow the below given steps. This process is same for amped wireless sr300 setup

  1. To remove the dead zones select a location between your router and extender.
  2. Once you have selected the place then connect your computer or tablet with range extender.
  3. Plug in the amped range extender in power outlet.
  4. Connect amped extender with wireless network
  5. For windows user you will get a prompt asking for set up your network.
  6. Now open your web browser and enter or type in URL box.
  7. Then, you will see the Amped set-up dashboard which will display the current status of your Amped range extender.
  8. Now Click the ‘SCAN’ and see available network to extend.
  9. Select the home network to do the extension. Then click to next.
  10. Now you can do the home network security settings.
  11. Next, see the Range extender settings for your extended network. AMPED_REC10 is the ID you can use and then Choose “Clone” option from settings and it will copy the SSID wizard copy of your home network. Now click on next button.
  12. Now you are ready to connect with extended network.

Amped range extender Login

The online interface of your Amped range extender is a system designed for users that allows them to adjust their settings the way they wish. To log in on your extender device, follow the steps as discussed:
  • Connect the extender device to a power outlet and turn on the power supply. Make sure the power outlet is near to the main router, preferably in the same room as your main router.
  • Open the wireless settings on your computer/smartphone and then connect to the Amped extender local network. Select the network and click on the Connect button.
  • Start any web-based browser you have installed on your system, and enter your default IP address
  • If this IP address doesn’t open anything, you can search for the device-specific IP address on the official support page using the web address.
  • Once your default Amped extender login page is displayed at the top of the screen, type in the login credentials.
  • Login access credentials such as the username and password are displayed on the device label, or they can be found in the manual which is included along with it.
  • Once the login page is displayed, type in the default credentials, such as the username and password. In the majority of instances it is “admin” as well as “password” as well. Additionally, the default credentials can differ depending on your model Amped extender you own. Once you have entered the same, click on the login button.

Good to know points

There are multiple combinations for the default username as well as the password. Here are some combinations you can try:

Username: “admin“, Password: “admin

Username: “admin“, Password: “password

And, Username: “admin“, Password: ” leave the field empty”

There are many IP addresses that you can use to access the Amped wireless extender login page. Here are the addresses:

The only thing that is required is a standard web address that can be used to connect to this AMPED extender login wizard, however, it is possible to use it in different ways. The following is the same as:

Amped wireless setup process

  • Choose the network, and you will see a new window prompting you to enter your password for the router. Click the next button.
  • Enter either the network ID or Security key of the network you’ve selected as your extension. Click “Clone Settings”to utilise the same security code and the identical Network ID in the fields below.
  • This is the stage at which you’ll have to wait around two minutes before allowing the router to restart. After this your connection will become disconnected.
  • You can now login back again to the amped wireless setup wizard and modify details including the amped wireless setup password.

Once the extender has been properly configured, you will see your Internet connection status change to Good. Find your Amped extender’s SSID, choose it, then enter the password for connecting directly to that SSID.

Troubleshooting issues with the Amped wireless setup

While you are trying to configure the Amped wireless settings online, make sure you follow the steps in order as discussed above. If you face issues with accessing the login wizard or finding the host network or something else, here are some basic troubleshooting steps you can try at all times:

  • Check if your computer or wireless device is connected to the Amped extender’s local network. If not, you won’t be able to access the amped wireless login page. Remember, that no amped wireless setup password is required when connecting to the local network.
  • If you are unable to locate the main router’s network, ensure that the wireless network discovery is enabled or the SSID broadcasting (as put forth in some devices) is enabled. Login to your main router’s settings wizard and check the settings. Enable the SSID broadcast settings. Also, make sure you have the correct SSID details.
  • If you are facing issues with connecting to your main router network, check if you are using the correct network password. Try restarting your amped extender once and then reconnect to it.
  • And, if you are having issues related to the amped extender performance, you can check for the latest firmware updates that might be pending. Login to the amped extender wireless setup wizard and check for the same. If available, update the same.

Need more help with the Amped wireless setup process? Reach out to the team at our end now!

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