Amped wireless SR10000 Setup process


Amped wireless SR10000 Setup process

The Amped SR10000 extender device can help you extend the existing router signals to corners hard-to-reach. You can configure the network settings and then begin accessing the network seamlessly. If you have recently upgraded to the Amped wireless SR10000 extender, and need help with steps to configure the network settings, this blog will walk you through the complete information. You will learn the steps to access the login page and access the setup wizard for further settings management as well.

Amped wireless setup- Requirements

Before you begin with the Amped wireless SR1000 setup process, make sure you have the details related to the main router’s network SSID and the password. You can get these details by signing in to the router’s settings wizard online. Or, if you have the router app, you can login to check the details.

Furthermore, you’ll need some equipment such as ethernet cables, a computer or wireless device to access the internet on. Finally, make sure you also have the default setting details of your Amped wireless extender. These details can generally be found on the product label of the device. If not, check the user manual that came with the device or the package box.

Beginning with the Amped wireless SR10000 SETUP

The most important part of setting up a wireless range extender is finding an appropriate location for the installation. The location where you install the extender makes a huge difference in terms of how it functions. The optimal setup location should be halfway between the wifi router and the location where you wish to use the internet at. Once you have found the location, you can begin following the steps as mentioned:

  • Connect your range extender to the power outlet using the power adapter.
  • Take an ethernet cable and connect the computer to one of the LAN ports on your range extender. You can also connect the two wirelessly later on.
  • Power on the devices now and allow them to boot up.
  • Once devices are ready, launch a web browser and then type in the default web address in the address bar. The default web address you can use is

If the web login page doesn’t appear, you can also use the IP address Disconnect your computer from all the wifi networks in your area. Look for the Amped_SR SSID in the available network list on your computer or wireless device. Once visible, select the same and connect to it.

Connecting to the main router network

  • Once the Amped web setup wizard appears on the screen, you’ll see a dashboard with the present status of the range extender. Click on the Scan button.
  • A list of the available wireless networks will become visible on the screen. Select the network you would like to extend and then click on the Next button.

Tip: On the same screen, the signal strength that the extender is able to receive will also be displayed. If you see the signal strength drop below 70%, move the devices closer to each other.

  • The setup wizard will now ask you to type in the network password in the field. Type in the router network password and then click on the next button.
  • The Amped SR1000 setup wizard will detect the network connection and copy the network settings over to your range extender.

Configuring the network name and password

Though the default network name for your Amped wireless SR1000 is always “Amped_SR”, you can always change it to your liking. From the window that appears next on the screen, simply follo wthe on-screen instructions to configure the network settings easily:

  • In the Extender Network ID(SSID) field, type in the SSID you would like to keep. In the security key field, assign a strong network password to protect your amped wireless network. Finally, click on the Next button.
  • The Connection check page will now appear on the screen. Allow the setup process to complete and the network to be configured.
  • Once the configuration is over, the setup wizard will guide you to connect your wireless devices to the newly configured network. Once the devices are connected, select the check box to confirm and click on the Next button.
  • The final screen will show a summary of the network settings you have just configured. Review the same and then click on the Save button.

The Amped wireless SR1000 setup process is now complete and you can connect your devices to the network easily.

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